The advantages and disadvantages of making things to do before you die list

Now it is common to have a list of things to do before you die. You will find parents, teachers and bloggers talking about them. However, there are benefits and disadvantages of having such list. The list is fun to make since if you ask someone about the areas he would like to visit before he dies, it will be hard to get a person to shut down. You will find them having a long list of the areas they would like to visit. Making the list is something fun and it is like making Santa list for the grownups.
However, making the list does not mean that you will be able to do everything you want on it. The list of things to do before you die becomes meaningful when you start to work towards accomplishing it. Having a list alone does not mean anything. When you make a list, the more you will be motivated to achieve it. Making a list inspire you to do what you are setting yourself to do. However, the problem is that the list will continue to grow and whenever you get the idea that can be interesting, you will have to add to it and it will not be possible to finish it.
Having the things to do before you die list will motivate you in achieving your goals and you will feel fulfilled as you cross things off the list. Checking the list can be the motivator for you to save for the trip you wish to take. However, some people put on their list the goals that they are not able to achieve such as the places where they will not be able to visit. It is good to always go for the things that can be achieved. If you have a list, you will be able to focus in achieving what you want by saving, however, if you are too focused on the bucket list, you may fail to see the opportunities that passes near you.

How to free your iPhone when locked

Do you own an iPhone? Can you access every software and application you desire without needing to pay for it? Well if so its jail broken but if not than it’s locked and you should consider having it jail broken as soon as possible. There are many gimmicks online advising you to avoid jail breaking you phone but considering that Apple itself is known to produce jail breaking software and distribute it there shouldn’t be much risk linked to jail breaking your phone. It’s all linked to business ploys where manufacturer plays good and hacker back but behind the scenes you find that iPhone is actually responsible for developing the jail breaks to ensure their dedicated iPhone customers keep buying the smartphone. This is because no one would even touch the smartphone if there was no way of getting free apps and software since other platforms like Android offer 95% of their software and apps for free and attach ads on the software to help generate income to the developer. Even Android has its own hacked version know as Android Root which basically makes the smartphone invisible to the android system allowing the user to install very powerful application which would otherwise not be allowed on the smartphone.
The freedom offered by the IPhones is an important feature which many people tend to purchase them for since the smartphone are a step ahead of other operating systems as well as expensive putting them in a league of their own. But surveys show that 95% of all iPhone buyers are not willing to purchase application even when they are being sold for just $1 since they expect them for free. To cater for this and keep its customers happy iPhone developers must include certain flows which allow people to jailbreak the pone and continue promoting the smartphone brand.